The Moke is the first car I have made using cans of more than one type. This has enabled me to add more colour to the car which helps to define the parts more clearly. The original Moke was designed as a basic utility vehicle that was easy to manufacture and, as a result, is an eminently suitable candidate for making out of cans.

The name Moke rhymes nicely with Coke so there is an unavoidable tie up there, too. The cans of Coke Zero that I used are of a smaller diameter than I have had in the past, and this allowed me to make the smaller wheels that are required for this Mini based vehicle. It is to the same scale as the other cars I have made.

Because the Moke is a fairly simple model it means that, where there are details of interest, these must be included on the model. Otherwise there is a danger of the thing looking rather plain. The other method I used to avoid that are making the car a bit of a HOTROD. Bucket seats, roll-bar, racing fuel filler, high flow intake and exhaust, and beefy suspension components, all help create the impression that this little car is built for speed.

Built October 2009. 15 regular Coke cans, and 8 skinny Coke Zero cans.


The Plans

A complete and fully detailed plan is available for this car, with comprehensive instructions.

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