Making a CanCar - 7 Up

7 Up Single Seater

The metal work is usually the last thing that I do when I am making a CanCar, however this time I started with it. One of the axle tubes has got it's  3 O rings pushed together to look like a rubber gaiter.



I have made the wheels before I've made the car. Still working backwards!!! 


At Last, the car.


Body Tub Parts

Tub together with the control pedals fitted.


Body Sides

Body sides are added using thin balsa wood. This is then covered with sections of can carefully selected for their graphics.

A piece of hook up wire has been stuck around the edge of the cockpit. This tidies it up and gives a more professional effect.




Balsa Seat Parts

Seat parts covered in can. I chose some cans with different graphics here to provide some visual interest.  Notice how the front sides of the seat base have been stained green with a permanent marker. This area will be visible when the sides are in place and would show as bare balsa. 

Completed seat. Notice how the outsides of the seat have been stained green too. Also the red hook up wire piping.


A Very Important Tool (Most asked question)

I have a cut off wheel mounted on an arbour in my pillar drill running at top speed. The simple wooden jig allows me to cut the tops and bottoms off cans quickly and cleanly. 


Cutting the Can

The can is pushed against the left hand fence and then pushed forward onto the rotating cut off wheel. When the can reaches the back fence, it is held in position and rotated against the direction of cut, ensuring that the bottom of the can remains on the jig. The can is carefully rotated until the cut is complete. The height of the cut off wheel can be adjusted so that the amount cut off the can gives the required cut.


Completed Cut


Rear Section

Balsa wood structure with lines to define areas for covering with can.

Wood treated to permanent marker where it wont be covered with can. 


Fairing Fitted

Notice how the holes have been drilled for the intake trumpets. 


Use of pins and ring pull to add detail to gearbox.


Exhausts and Rollbar fitted. Hook up wire for panel definition.


Intake Trumpets

Flared alloy tube with O rings where they meet the body.


Suspension Units

Bits of aluminium tube, washers and hook up wire. Look cool.


Nose Cone

Inner structure from Balsa Wood. Not holes for locating front axle.

Outer covering added, not holes for front axle.


Grill Surround

Notice use of green permanent marker.


Panel Lines

Ink panel lines indicate where covering with can is to go.


Grilled to Perfection!!

Addition of some mesh and hook up wire really help with the looks.


Clear Lacquering

Notice use of cardboard structure and dowels to enable lacquering of top and bottom.


Seat Belt

This is the first car that I have included this detail. Belts from black ribbon.


Cockpit Details

Fuel filler cap, windscreen and rear view mirrors.


Rear Suspension


Front Suspension

Wow, it is finished!!