Heineken Too!!

My friend Robert really loved the Heineken midget racer that I sent to my cousin in England, but was only able to look at the images of it on this website. He is not offended by the fact that it is green, so I thought I should make one for him.

There is an 'R' in the front nerf bar for Robert, instead of the 'E' on my cousin's.  This method of naming was common practice "back in the day".

Although I used the same sized Heineken cans as I did for Eric's car, the graphics on the cans are quite different. I suppose it has been 5 years since I bought those, and change is inevitable. The different graphics made matching things up more complicated than the first one, hence more cans used.

Built March 2013. 15 Heineken Beer Cans.

The pictures of this one are better than the other because I was able to use my little "studio" with good lighting. Although these 2 cars were made from the same plan, with Heineken cans, they are by no means identical. See if you can spot all the differences and let me know!!