Friends CanCars

We owe a huge thanks to Jeremy from Thailand who kindly agreed to make the lastest CanCar for Sandy who is unable to make one at the moment due to ill health.

Here is Jeremy's take on the Lager Landrover. 


Ian From Lancashire, England

"I bought some plans from you way back in 2012, well it's been a long journey but I finally got there! (Thanks for your reply with help on a question I had on the plans).

I've got to admit when the plans were first emailed to me I laughed and thought "You've got NO chance". I must have spent 3 weeks just looking at them, each time slowly working out how things went before finally cutting out the floor & making that first start.

It's certainly been a challenge, I think looking back the most enjoyable part for me was the sub assembly & how quickly the Jeep took shape once the sides & back were in place.

I never thought I would be writing this email as the model has nearly been through the window on numerous occasions with my lack of engineering experience & deciphering of schematic drawings. Maybe now I can look back & laugh at all the frustrations that I went through - well, maybe smile!!"

Brilliant Ian. Nice to see a proper "studio" used for your photography


Made by Phil, England

Part of an email from Phil on the build:

"In true self build style, the 'paper' interior and engine are off an E-Type Jag, I've simplified the design to suit my limited dexterity. These items being axle/ suspension set up, using 1/4" timber dowel slid inside black drinking straws, as is the prop shaft and exhaust pipes. The wheel centre caps are press studs, the air valves are cut down picture hook pins and the internal ring pull bit made perfect headlight innards. The back end didn't go quite to plan, but after a ponder, the recess' were perfect for the paper Jag back lights, turned upright. The roof is formed out of cardboard, (keeping the height to a minimum) as I wanted to get the use of one piece of can on the side elevation. I also liked the idea of a single piece if can, inside out to make a feature out of the roof. I omitted the windows as I like the art work, and I think it makes it look like a delivery truck. I too now plough around super markets and DIY sheds looking at any item for alternative use, with my missus walking on ahead."


Phil's Mini Blackthorn Buggy

"Just finished the mini Blackthorn Buggy. I’ve tried to keep to Sandy’s original design this time, with a few optional extras. These being mirrors, spotlights and CB aerial. The axles are Ali knitting needles, the yellow engine blowers are drawing pins countersunk with black inserts from a multi pack of craft type bits and bobs from the pound shop. The mirrors, spotlights and headlight back cones came from the same sauce, held in place by cut down paper clips. I’ve used ring pulls with blackened balsa sandwiched in between to replicate suspension/wishbone components. The wheels as you have probably guessed are from the smaller 250ml size cans."


Made by Uwe, Herzberg


Jeremy, Phillippines

San Mig 'Owner' Jeep






Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol

Another CanCar from Jeremy, Phillipines